Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find PDF files for NCCER forms?
PDFs of NCCER forms are available at
I've completed NCCER training, how do I view my training history?
Go to
Click the "Individual" button.
Enter the NCCER card number (located on your blue wallet card or transcript) and PIN to view your detailed records.
First-time users will be directed to answer security questions upon their initial login.
As an employer, how do I view an individual's training and assessment credentials?
Go to
Click the "Online Verification" button.
Enter the NCCER card number found on the wallet card to view the individual's information.
As an accredited sponsor, how do I access/view my employee/trainee/instructor information?
Go to or click on the ANR on NCCER home page.
Click the "Sponsor" button.
Enter your assigned username and password to view and submit training records.
I have Certified Plus completions, will I get a separate wallet card?
Yes. The Certified Plus wallet card is a different color and CERTIFIED PLUS is designated on the front of the card. Only one card will be issued, but all training completions will be viewable on the ANR.
What is the process for requesting a new wallet card?
Please complete a credential replacement request form (a reprint fee may apply) or provide the following information to request a replacement credential:
Who do I contact if I have more questions about the wallet cards?
Contact NCCER customer service at 888.622.3720.